Protecting Our Patients Through Good Hygiene

A comfortable exam room at the Sacramento Dentistry Group.

Sacramento-area restaurants are required to post a “pass/no pass” sign prominently so customers know whether they follow clean hygiene standards. It’s safe to say, a customer would avoid an establishment that didn’t pass a health inspection! Likewise, the dental staff at the Sacramento Dentistry Group take your well-being very seriously! So we follow the guidelines for dental offices established by the Centers for Disease Control. We work hard to make sure your dental procedures take place in a clean environment so you have a worry-free visit and recovery because you don’t need extra worry and stress when going to the dentist!

Dental Sanitation Practices

In our Sacramento dental office, all surfaces, including the exam chair, are regularly decontaminated after each patient visit. Tools are sanitized for each patient. Our dental team washes their hands regularly and put on new gloves for each client. Much of this might sound like common sense, since everyone should expect that their dental office practices proper hygiene techniques! The Sacramento Dentistry Group prides itself on doing its best for patients. From new ones here for their first visit to patients we’ve been seeing for years, it’s first-class service!

Hygienic Treatment Starts at Home

Premium treatment starts at home with a daily oral care routine that includes brushing and flossing. Doing the basics helps our patients avoid many dental complications and problems “down the road.” While our office is fully equipped for complex procedures and our Sacramento dentists have considerable experience filling cavities, extracting decayed teeth, making dentures and installing implants, we prefer assisting our patients to keep their natural teeth in the first place!

Of course, sometimes dental complications are unavoidable, especially due to unexpected accidents or trauma. If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, bleeding gums, or loose teeth, come see us! Call to make an appointment today and we will make sure you are greeted warmly at our clean and friendly downtown Sacramento dental clinic!

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