A Whiter Smile

Teeth come in different shades, all of which can be affected by certain factors and improved by tooth whitening procedures.

Do you find yourself staring at people with bright white smiles and wondering “What’s the secret?” Why do some people seem blessed with a dazzling set of teeth, while yours feel just ordinary, if not on the dull and yellow side? White teeth are the standard of beauty in many cultures, yet there are several things to keep in mind when comparing the shade of your teeth to that of others.

Facts for a Whiter Smile

  • Healthy teeth come in all shades. Genetics gives the gift of whiter teeth to some, but your less than dazzling smile is nothing to be ashamed of when you take good care of your overall dental health.
  • Keep in mind that skin tone plays into how white a person’s teeth appear.
  • Someone sporting a pretty and bright smile may be suffering unseen dental problems. While white teeth are often a sign of a healthy mouth, they are not a guarantee of strong teeth, vibrant gums and solid roots.
  • Images of supermodels and celebrities are everywhere, and their teeth are usually not as white as they appear. It’s called PhotoShop and you can use it in your pictures too.
  • Your favorite foods may be putting your dreams of a whiter smile on hold. Certain foods like tea, coffee, curries and blueberries can stain otherwise healthy teeth.
  • If you wear lipstick, the color you use has a big impact on the relative shade of your teeth. Warmer tones of red-oranges, browns and tans bring out the worst in your smile, while cooler shades like pinks, burgundies and blue-reds will make your smile dazzle!
  • Playing down any ruddy tones in your complexion can make a big difference in how your teeth appear. Who would have thought a whiter smile can also include a visit to the make-up counter!

Our Role in a Whiter Smile

At the Sacramento Dental Group, our first mission is to give you a healthy smile — one that functions well, feels great and makes eating and living a joy. Along with that goal, we can also help you have a beautiful smile with professional tooth whitening. We use the latest techniques to bring your smile from dull to bright, from in-office teeth whitening to the thinnest veneers available. If the our natural tips still leave you feeling yellow, make an appointment soon to discuss your options for whitening up your smile.

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  • The Calculated Adventurist
    Posted at 16:05h, 08 January Reply

    I was not blessed with perfect pearly whites, but I am thankful I have a healthy mouth. And for photos, I use the teeth whitener feature.

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