Aging and Dental Myths

Osteoporosis can affect men and women, but drugs used for treatment may affect your dental care.

The Sacramento Dentistry Group believes that teeth can last a lifetime! Does the aging baby boomer generation have an advantage over those who are younger? Yes, and one reason why, according to geriatric dentist Dr. Elisa Ghezzi, involves tap water: “Unlike kids these days, [baby boomers] drank out of drinking fountains that had fluoride in them.” So boomers, many of you have teeth that had a terrific start in life, so let’s consider how you can keep them by debunking some common myths about teeth and aging.

Do Teeth Soften with Age?

Absolutely not! If your teeth are softening or you are experiencing bone loss, this is because of periodontal disease and tooth decay — not natural processes from aging. Regular dental care at home and with the Sacramento Dentistry Group helps you have a healthy mouth and strong teeth. Plus, the osteoporosis that affects other parts of the body seldom affects the jawbones of people eating a varied diet with both hard and soft foods, such as carrots, apples, and other raw fruits and vegetables.

Does Tooth Pain Come with Age?

Dr. Ghezzi states: “Pain perception changes with age and a problem that would send a 40-year-old screaming to their dentist might not register with someone who’s 75. Similarly, older patients might put off needed care, not realizing that pain is a sign of an underlying problem. But waiting until it really hurts could lead to tooth loss and costly reconstructive work.” If you are experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity at any age, don’t wait! Explain your situation to our downtown office staff and they will get you in for an immediate visit from our Sacramento dentists.

Do You Stop Getting Cavities?

Due to better oral education and better access to dental care, patients are keeping their teeth longer, and often without the need for restorations. But remember this: cavities are not a childhood problem. Everyone, no matter their age, should brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and floss at least once for prevention of cavities. Since the gums do tend to recede as we age, exposing softer parts of the tooth called dentin, good oral hygiene becomes especially important to prevent deep cavities.

Does Age Always Mean Dentures?

Plenty of people do not need dentures when they are older. Seniors sometimes experience dental complications from extra medications they take and other factors that come along with age, such as dry mouth, but a good dental care regimen and regular dental visits should prevent the need for expensive dental restorations and repairs, like dentures or dental implants. Good communication with your Sacramento dental professionals also prevents complications resulting from medication side effects and other general health concerns.

Whether are not you are nearing retirement age, keep up a good dental care regimen at home to take care of your dental health. Keep your appointments with the Sacramento Dentistry group for preventive care by visiting our convenient downtown office. Experience the joys of a lifetime with teeth!

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