Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss and Signs of Aging

Loosing Teeth Leads to AgingLosing teeth is a common fear, whether in our nightmares or in real life. Advances in oral health care help the Sacramento Dentistry Group to prevent tooth loss, but there are still problems associated with accidents and bad oral hygiene that lead to the removal of teeth. When you need to have a tooth or several teeth replaced, we always recommend the use of dental implants wherever possible.

The primary benefit from using dental implants over other procedures is the preservation of your jaw line and the accompanying bone structure. Most of our clients are aware of the fact that people who exercise tend to have stronger bones due to the demands that regular activity places on the skeleton. Now apply that principle to your jawbones. Healthy teeth transmit the stresses from chewing to your jaw, which encourages bone retention. Take away teeth and you eliminate that oral exercise, so the body reabsorbs the bone that once held the teeth in place. As a result, your facial structure actually changes and your face shows the typical signs of aging.

Dentures or bridges are historically used to replace teeth, but they do not solve the bone loss problem, since they provide little stimulation to the jaw underneath. In contrast, dental implants are fused to the bone and directly stimulate it. The superiority of implants has led to some exciting new procedures for bridges and dentures, as the Sacramento Dentistry Group regularly attaches these appliances by installing dental implants first. The result is a simpler procedure than a full set of dental implants with the benefits of a solidly fixed set of artificial teeth and significantly better stimulation of the underlying jawbones. Preserving the jawbone with dental implants makes for happier clients as they enjoy their more youthful appearance, great smile and improved oral health.

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  • Myra
    Posted at 13:54h, 12 July Reply

    The pictures in this post were simple but got the point across. I didn’t know that dental implants can preserve your jaw line.

  • Jessica (@squareduptweets)
    Posted at 19:57h, 30 July Reply

    That graphic is very powerful. I know people who were so happy to get full dentures after years of bad teeth, but I don’t know how many know that having no roots means eventual loss of jaw bone. My mom is 91 and still has all her teeth, pretty impressive! Hopefully I got her dental genes.

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