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Oral hygiene is critical for good health.

When we hear those words, it can invoke thoughts of being told by your parents to eat your vegetables, or do a thing you’re not inclined to do that is beneficial for you in the long run. For example, the Sacramento Dentistry Group understands that not all patients enjoy visiting the dentist. Bad past experiences, fear of dental tools and potential pain or discomfort deter many. We’d like to assure you that our caring Sacramento dentists and hygienists understand how you feel and do our best to make all of our patients comfortable when they visit. Many patients choose oral conscious sedation, commonly called “sleep dentistry,” so they’re relaxed and at ease in the dental chair. So rather than thinking you should skip your dental cleaning or the dentist for a while, here’s some reasons why it’s a good idea to keep your appointments with the Sacramento Dentistry Group:

  • Prevent cavities and decay by visiting the dentist regularly. Plaque is the number one cause of tooth decay. Brushing and flossing at home only does so much to keep plaque and tartar under control. Bacteria in and on the plaque erodes tooth enamel and is only removed in combination with semi-annual cleanings from your dentist or hygienist.
  • Dental check-ups prevent tooth loss. When plaque is allowed to build up this also allows gum disease to take root. In extreme cases of gum disease, called periodontitis, plaque bacteria decays the jawbone, resulting in bad breath, pain and tooth loss. Regular dental cleanings prevent this from happening and saves you time in the dental chair and money.
  • Regular cleanings remove tooth stains. Many of us enjoy our morning coffee or a glass of wine in the evening, but these make teeth appear yellow. Smoking or using other tobacco products also stains teeth, turning them yellow and brown. When you visit our downtown Sacramento office, we take the time to remove these stains to brighten your smile.
  • Regular cleanings and exams support your health and well-being. Studies connect diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke to a person’s oral health. Thus, good oral hygiene plays an important role in reducing medical complications. Start at home with a daily oral care routine that include brushing and flossing, then supplement with exams and cleanings every six months at our local dental office.
  • Save money by seeing your Sacramento dental professionals regularly. Serious dental problems and the restorations are avoidable with regular exams and cleanings. Early treatments are generally inexpensive and early detection and prevention costs even less.

The Sacramento Dentistry Group wants everyone to enjoy the advantages of having a healthy mouth and attractive smile. So stop procrastinating! Make an appointment today to enjoy the best dental health possible!

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