Fighting Periodontitis

Wiping out periodontitis is possible with ADA recommendations.

ADA Study Generates a Recommendation

Periodontitis is a severe form of gum disease. When it reaches this stage, the gums have started to or are already receded, the pockets formed by loose gums are large and the teeth may even be starting to feel loose, as the roots are being damaged by bacteria. There are many treatment options for periodontitis, but the American Dental Association recently released a report pointing to root scaling and root planing as the primary treatment for this disease.

What is Root Scaling?

Root scaling is the process of getting all the plaque and tartar out from under your gums. These bacterial substances are the cause of your periodontitis, since they inflame the gums. Special tools go to the bottom of any gum pockets, pulling all of this damaging stuff out, so that underneath your gums is clear of any bacterial structures. A local anesthetic makes certain that you feel no discomfort during the procedure. If you’re especially fearful of dentistry, however, we can always use oral conscious sedation to make your visit easy.

What is Root Planing?

As the bacteria damage your roots, these supports for your teeth become rough. As the name suggestions, root planing smooths out the roots. This encourages the gums to reattach, so that the roots are properly protected. Reducing the size of your gum pockets is one of the first steps in fighting periodontitis, so these two procedures are directly connected with accomplishing that.

What About Other Treatments?

The ADA did state that other treatments may also be useful, and that the dentist must decide the proper course of action for every individual patient. For example, certain antibiotic treatments, such as with Perio Protect, may also be beneficial in certain circumstances. Nevertheless, scaling and planing are recommended as the first course of action to improve your oral health when fighting severe gum disease. If you need assistance with periodontitis, the dentists and hygienists of the Sacramento Dentistry Group are here to assist with this vital form of treatment.

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