Fluoride for Adults

Fluoride toothpaste, fluoridated water and toothbrushing are all recommended by our Sacramento dentists.

Fluoride — It’s Not Just For Children

When you think of fluoride treatment and use, you most likely think of the benefits for children. Fluoride is essential for youngsters, but it’s also important for the oral health of adults. We have written in the past about fluoride and why it’s beneficial, but let’s examine why our dentists at the Sacramento Dentistry Group encourage people of all ages, including adults, to have fluoride in their daily dental care routine.

The fluoride in your toothpaste and in certain municipal water supplies, such as Sacramento’s, helps your mouth in two big ways. First, water fluoridation and fluoride use cut down on oral bacteria, reducing damage to your teeth and gums. Oral bacteria create acid that damages your tooth enamel, but fluoride counteracts the bacteria by slowing down their constant population growth.

The second benefit from fluoride also deals with the effect of acids on your teeth. In the course of a day, your teeth go through a lot of wear and tear, causing enamel loss. Acids from bacteria and foods add to this damage. So why do any of us still have teeth after all this time? The calcium and phosphates in our saliva naturally repair the surface damage. In the presence of fluoride, however, this remineralization of tooth enamel happens much faster. Studies even show that tooth enamel repaired with fluoride is considerably stronger than ordinary enamel.

The dental benefits of everyone using fluoride are clear. While your mouth is never 100% bacteria free, using fluoride toothpaste when you brush twice a day fights microorganisms, improves your enamel, and keeps your teeth strong. Every little bit counts towards reducing tooth damage and keeping your smile looking young, even if you’re not!

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