Meet Dr. Francisco Pestana

Dr. Pestana

“My time is not restricted, it’s guaranteed! Come spend some of it with me!”

Dr. Francisco Pestana, a specialist in oral surgery, was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Since an early age, he was the atypical child that actually enjoyed going to the dentist! His positive experiences as a youth motivated him to study for dentistry when he entered college at Michigan State University, majoring in Physiology. He followed that up with training at the University of Puerto Rico School of Dentistry and a residency at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Philadelphia. He completed an Advanced General Dentistry Fellowship at Columbia University followed by Advanced training in Oral Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania. He then had further internships and residency in Puerto Rico.

Formerly a major in the United States Army Reserve, Dr. Pestana is fluent in both English and Spanish. His many years of experience have taught him that one of the most important things to maintain with his patients is trust. This starts with listening carefully to the patient’s concerns, is followed by clearly explaining his findings and then performing procedures with a maximum concern for patient comfort and confidence.

Dr. Pestana looks forward to meeting you during your next visit to the Sacramento Dentistry Group. Married for over twenty years, with three children and one big, slobbery dog, it’s very likely that with his many travels and experiences in the army, and a large and active family, you probably share something in common.