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Restoration dentistry is concerned about two things: restoring a patient to dental health and giving them back their smile. Like strictly cosmetic dentistry, restoration dentistry helps patients feel good about themselves while they eat, drink and converse with others. Taking photos is fun again! Eating is once more a joy, instead of a chore! Restoration dentistry saves the teeth you have and replaces those you’ve already lost.

Cosmetic dentistry is more about patient self-esteem than it is dental health, although there are many benefits to some cosmetic procedures. Your teeth may function properly, but you want them to shine! Cosmetic procedures give you that opportunity.

Restoration and Cosmetic Dentistry include many of the same procedures, such as crowns, implants and veneers. Consider these treatments and others in this section of the Sacramento Dentistry website, the Internet home of your Sacramento dentist, Dr. Brian Steele.

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