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Patients who need dental implants can be helped to get them with bone grafting.

Tooth Loss and Signs of Aging

There is Good News Dental education and better access to dental care help people keep their teeth for life! Americans are living longer and recent studies show that Americans are also doing a better job at taking care of their teeth. The American Dental Association (ADA)...

Osteoporosis can affect men and women, but drugs used for treatment may affect your dental care.

Aging and Dental Myths

The Sacramento Dentistry Group believes that teeth can last a lifetime! Does the aging baby boomer generation have an advantage over those who are younger? Yes, and one reason why, according to geriatric dentist Dr. Elisa Ghezzi, involves tap water: "Unlike kids these days, [baby...

With proper care, teeth can last a lifetime.

Teeth Can Last a Lifetime!

Many patients ask if it is really possible to keep their original set of teeth for a lifetime. It is true that the average American has lost at least a few teeth before the age of seventy, and the Sacramento Dentistry Group certainly installs a...