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Do Cherries Stain Dentures?

A question recently asked on our website was this: Do cherries stain dentures? The sad truth is that cherries, berries and other dark fruits, wines, tomato sauces, dark beers, teas and coffees and dark vegetables all have the ability to darken dentures, teeth, veneers, bridges...

Too much acid in your diet may lead to tooth decay.

Hydration and Your Dental Health

Help Your Teeth Survive the Summer Ready for the heat? Our Sacramento valley summers are known to be scorchers and we resort to all sorts of ways to cool off. One of the most important ways is by staying hydrated. Whatever summer drink you may enjoy,...

Fillings are provided when the enamel is breached and decay can destroy the tooth.

Avoiding More Cavities

If you've always had “a clean bill of oral health” during each visit to our Sacramento dentist, you may be surprised by an increase in cavities. What would cause this to happen “all of a sudden”? Is it mouth rebellion, bacterial uprising, or a gum...