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Gum Recession

Teeth Explained

The Anatomy of Your Teeth Teeth are excellent tools, perfectly designed for eating, speaking, and smiling. It’s easy to take our teeth for granted though, and many people do until there’s a problem. With bad teeth, you seldom feel like smiling and have a hard time...

A better oral exam requires going beyond white light observations and using blue light induced fluorescense, as employed by the Sacramento Dentistry Group.

What Teeth Need

How to Keep Them Healthy Keeping a healthy mouth does not take a lot of effort and is not complicated. A few simple, regular habits give you both a healthy mouth and body. Understanding just how your lifestyle affects your teeth and health is important, because...

Healthy gums are critical to your dental well-being.

If Gums Could Talk

What Would Your Gums Say? Your gums can't talk, but they might be trying to tell you something. When it comes to gums, “no news is good news.” Healthy gums are firm and pink, letting you know by their appearance that all's well and you should...