Free Second Opinions

Free Second Opinion

Has a dentist recommended a dental procedure that you are unsure of? Wish you could get a second opinion but afraid it’s cost prohibitive? That’s no longer the case! At Sacramento Dentistry Group, we offer free second opinions at our convenient downtown office.

Simply contact us to make an appointment and let us know it is for a second opinion. When coming for your appointment, be sure to bring your dentists recommendations with you. Upon examining you, if we feel radiographs or other images are needed to make an accurate diagnosis, these will be provided at no charge! After gathering needed details, one of our dentists will let you know our thoughts on your oral health and what treatments we would recommend for your needs.

After that, it’s up to you! There is no obligation with our free second opinion. You may opt to return to your original dentist, or decide to proceed with our clinic. Whichever route you choose, we are happy to have provided you the confidence needed to move forward and preserve your dental well-being. If you’d like more information about our free second opinions program, please contact us by calling 916-538-6900 or by clicking the link below. We look forward to being of service!

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