March Dental Promotions

Great results can be obtained with braces or Invisalign, based on your individual needs.

This week the Sacramento Dentistry Group would like to highlight two of our promotions that are extremely valuable for our regular clients and patients in the Sacramento community. These promotions reflect our desire to bring the best to those that trust our dentists to provide them with excellent options in dentistry. Both procedures are “satisfaction guaranteed” and designed for remarkable results.

Dental Implant Promotion

The first noteworthy promotion we want to highlight is our cost reduction for dental implants. Until the end of March, the Sacramento Dentistry Group is reducing the cost of a dental implant by nearly two thousand dollars! Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. If a single tooth gets dislodged or must be pulled, an implant is the only solution that mimics not just the missing tooth, but also the departed root. This preserves both your jaw and your appearance, guaranteeing a younger profile and facial structure.

All dental implant procedures include the implant itself, the crown that attaches to it and any bone grafting necessary to secure the implant screw. To lock in your opportunity to use this promotion, contact our office for a free consultation on dental implants.

Boost Tooth Whitening Promotion

For the month of March, the Sacramento Dentistry Group is offering Boost in-office tooth whitening at a $100 discount. A one-visit whitening process, Boost is very effective and pleases the client that seeks immediate cosmetic results. Teeth darken due to age and our habits, such as coffee or tea drinking. For these types of situations, tooth whitening is a perfect solution. Like our dental implant procedure, ask for a free consultation to determine if Boost whitening will work well with your teeth.

For more information about any of these promotions, as well as our other promotions for March, call the Sacramento Dentistry Group at 916-538-6900, stop by our office at 1105 E Street, or contact us online.

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