Do Cherries Stain Dentures?

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A question recently asked on our website was this: Do cherries stain dentures? The sad truth is that cherries, berries and other dark fruits, wines, tomato sauces, dark beers, teas and coffees and dark vegetables all have the ability to darken dentures, teeth, veneers, bridges and crowns. Why do these wonderful foods and beverages create stains on our teeth, both original and replacements? What can our Sacramento dental patients do about it?

Why Do Fruits and Vegetables Make Stains?

Two common and healthy pigments color many vegetables and fruits: anthocyanins and flavonoids. These substances are antioxidants, so they protect and repair body tissue. Therefore, eating and drinking foods containing these molecules is generally a good thing! But pigments also create stains and darken white surfaces, including tooth enamel and dental ceramics.

If we examine the situation with dentures, they seem extremely smooth (just like your teeth), but at the microscopic level there are tiny fissures, pits, holes and cracks on the surface. This happens with normal tooth enamel too. Pigments get trapped in these micro imperfections, altering light reflecting from the surface and changing bright whites into dull yellows. Even after cleaning the teeth or rinsing dentures and removable bridges, some anthocyanins or flavonoids remain.

How to Whiten Dentures

Abrasives are not meant for cleaning dentures, and most toothpastes are slightly abrasive! For cleaning dentures, use a product designed specifically for them. Follow the instructions, since some cleansers are not meant for daily use. Dentures can also be cleaned with ordinary liquid hand soap, but they obviously need to be rinsed very well to avoid a bad taste in your mouth.

If the color of your dentures becomes dull, despite home cleaning, then professional cleaning in our office with an ultrasonic cleanser often relieves the problem. Patients request this service whenever they visit our dentists for their semi-annual checkup. If you like cherries on your pie, sundae or in your cocktail, we strongly recommend it. And for your teeth, try our rapid in-office whitening that guarantees a whiter, brighter smile after just one session.

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