Do Dental Implants Set Off TSA Alarms?

Metal detectors should generally not be set off by dental implants.

You’ve got your flight ticket. Your check-in bag is on its way to your waiting plane, or at least you hope it is. Now comes the fun part, the TSA security checkpoint.

Photo ID out and ready to show? Check.

Boarding pass? Check.

Easy-to-remove shoes and belt all set to take off? Check.

All your liquids are no larger than 3.4 ounces and in a 1-quart sized clear resealable bag? Check.

No metal, such as a pair of scissors or a pocketknife? Check, except for the zippers on your purse and the watch you just put in the lovely grey TSA bucket.

But wait, you’ve got dental implants — metal screws in your jaw, slowly becoming one with your jawbone! Won’t they set off the TSA metal detectors, causing uniformed guards to surround you with tasers, making you miss your flight? No worries! Wherever it is you plan on traveling, dental implants should not set off metal detectors.

Dental Implants and Airport Security

Dental implants are an amazing advancement in the field of dentistry. They allow missing teeth to essentially be replaced by new, custom teeth. This keeps your smile looking young and vibrant, while preserving your jawbone structure. Dental implants hold crowns, bridges and dentures securely, without the need to alter nearby teeth.

Dental implants are possible because of a process called osseointegration, whereby a material such as a small titanium screw becomes one with your jawbone. This titanium material features an abutment that secures a crown to replace a single tooth. Multiple implants hold bridges and as few as four can hold a lower or upper denture.

The good news for travelers is first that these titanium screws are very small, and second that titanium is not magnetic. They should not set off metal detectors in airports or during any other security situations. Just as passengers with amalgam fillings breeze through security checkpoints, you will too after your dental implants are installed.

Make an appointment with the Sacramento Dentistry Group to talk about how dental implants improve our patients’ health, their confidence and their overall wellness. Be assured you won’t regret your decision to take advantage of this incredible option that can change your life for the better. Our patients want the best smile possible. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’re ready for a vacation!

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