Filling in the Gaps

The Sacramento Dentistry Group discusses the observed benefits of cleaning your tongue regularly.

What are Diastemas?

Diastema is the dental term for gaps between the teeth. It’s a normal dental feature in many mammals, humans included. Gaps between teeth were thought to be very attractive in medieval times, since women with gapped teeth were believed to be more passionate. Even today, in some African countries, women with diastema are thought of as more fertile and the French call gapped teeth “lucky teeth.”

While a diastema is usually a harmless variation in most people, at times it can be caused by the following problems:

  • alignment issues,
  • teeth that are bigger or smaller than they should be,
  • protruding teeth,
  • missing teeth.

If the reason for a diastema is a missing tooth or a mismatch between the teeth and the jaw size, treatment from our Sacramento dentists is necessary to make significant changes.

Treatment for Diastema at the Sacramento Dentistry Group

Some patients choose to keep their diastema. There are many famous figures, including some well-known models, that have kept their diastemas. For many, a diastema causes no greater problem than a need for closer attention to brushing and flossing. Nevertheless, if you want a more “standard” smile, some treatments our dentists may use to close diastema (tooth gaps) include:

  • orthodontics to close the gaps,
  • custom porcelain veneers cover the gap,
  • dental bonding to fill the gap,
  • a bridge to replace missing teeth,
  • dental implants to replace missing teeth.

If your dental goals include a smile makeover to fill in the gaps between your teeth, our Sacramento cosmetic dentists consult with you to determine which options are best. If you have a diastema and would like to make a change, contact us today for an appointment to fill in the gaps!

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