Introducing the Latest iTero

The iTero scanner is a digital device that makes Invisalign treatment easier than ever.

The Sacramento Dentistry Group would like to announce our upgrade to the newest iTero intraoral scanner system. The iTero is typically used to take images of the teeth and jaws for our Invisalign patients. It is also works with other applications, like our new computerized Ceramill system for making crowns, inlays and overlays on site and within one day.

What’s Special About the iTero Element

While our first iTero was a great improvement over taking dental molds with plaster casts, it represented technology created about five years ago. In contrast, the iTero Element is the latest iteration of intraoral scanner tech. Here is what these improvements mean to you in the dental chair:

  • The new iTero is twenty times faster than the old one. In real terms, that means we can now scan without having to “point and click.” Instead, we simply move the scanner wand over your teeth and it takes the images, much like taking a video of your mouth!
  • That faster speed leads to a greater capture rate. The iTero now gathers six thousand images in one second!
  • Like most technology, the iTero can now be smaller, forty percent smaller! That means you don’t have to open quite as wide for our dentists to get the same images.
  • Real-time rendering lets us see the scans immediately and ensure that we have all the information we need for processing your orthodontics or your restoration. So you spend less time sitting and waiting while we analyze images for quality.

If you have an upcoming procedure for installing or replacing a crown, or if you want to fix your smile with Invisalign aligners, the new iTero Element is here to make the entire process faster, easier and more efficient. Find out more the next time you visit the downtown offices of the Sacramento Dentistry Group.

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