Sacramento Dentistry Group Introduces Ceramill Motion 2

The Ceramill Motion 2 is the best in-house milling machine made by Amann Girrbach.

“This mill does it all.” — a national provider of digital dental equipment

The Sacramento Dentistry Group would like to announce their adoption of the Ceramill Motion 2 by Amann Girrbach. This is a digitally operated mill that shapes both ceramics and metals into prosthetic dental appliances, like dentures, veneers, dental implants, bridges, crowns, inlays and overlays. You name it, this machine can build it, and all right here in our offices.

How In-House Milling Works

To use the Ceramill Motion 2, your Sacramento dentist first needs a digital impression of your teeth. We do this with the iTero digital intraoral scanner. The images are then uploaded to software that determines the exact dimensions of the restoration that you need.

At this stage, the Ceramill is loaded with a blank ingot of ceramic or metal material, based on the design of your oral appliance. A wide variety of ceramics and metals are available, based on the needs of the patient. Depending on the size and type of restoration, the Ceramill shapes it using a lathe or by milling the base material. The finished product, no matter how big the job, is usually completed within 24 hours maximum! Smaller restorations, like crowns, overlays or inlays, can be finished much faster.

The advantages of in-house milling are many. Problems with oral images are immediately noticed and corrected on the spot. Client wait times for receiving their restorations are considerably reduced. You never have to wait because the dental laboratory is too busy to rush your request! Your personal dentist controls the entire production process from beginning to end, ensuring you receive the right restoration.

To find out more about the Ceramill Motion 2, visit the downtown office of the Sacramento Dentistry Group. We look forward to fulfilling all of your needs for dental restorations right here in house with this amazing technology from the internationally recognized designer and production company Amann Girrbach.

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