What are Dental Bonding Trays?

Dental Bonding Trays

When one of our Sacramento orthodontic patients gets braces, you may wonder how we attach the little brackets that hold the treatment wires in place. Each one needs to be properly positioned in relation to the others for the procedure to work correctly. How do our dentists do this? Often, the job is completed with bonding trays.

A bonding tray looks like a nightguard, mouthguard or a clear aligner. The tray is shaped to match the patient’s teeth, based on our prior measurements and examination. It also has pockets that hold the orthodontic brackets exactly where they need to go on the teeth.

When you come in to get your brackets installed, first the teeth are prepared for bonding. The next step is to add adhesive to the brackets (already in the trays) and firmly place the bonding trays on your teeth. While you softly clamp down on the trays with gauze or cotton between your upper and lower jaws, the bonding material has time to set. This firmly attaches the brackets in place.

Once enough time has passed, the brackets are securely fixed in place. Our dentist then peels away the bonding trays. Shortly thereafter, we attach the wires that will start to pull your teeth into their proper positions.

Obviously, the orthodontic brackets can be placed directly, without the use of bonding trays. For some patients, this is the best method, but for many the bonding tray is a much more effective way to accomplish this important step in your orthodontic treatment.

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