Afraid of the Dentist?

Sleep Dentistry

Our Sacramento dentists understand that serious anxiety prevents many patients from receiving needed dental care. The consequences of dental anxiety are serious, from the pain of lost or missing teeth to health complications like heart disease and worsening diabetes. So if you’re afraid of the dentist, the Sacramento Dentistry Group has a solution for dental anxiety!

What Is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry helps patients with their anxiety when visiting the dentist, whether it be for a simple cleaning or a more complicated oral surgery procedure. Avoiding the dentist just never ends well, because dental problems don’t get better on their own. If fear is preventing you from getting the treatment you need, putting it off only makes the problem worse! Even a small issue can turn into a big and expensive one if you ignore pain or gum disease.

Oral sedation removes you from what you fear most. When we use oral conscious sedation, our dentist administers a strong sedative, in pill or liquid form, before the procedure. Technically you are awake, but you have no recollection of the entire dental procedure and remain calm and relaxed. We carefully monitor our patients before, during and after the procedure. Because we follow all of the necessary pain management and ethical protocols during treatment, afterwards you feel like a well-cared for client, ready to go home and recover from your treatment. Sleep dentistry is an effective way to treat patients because taking care of our patient’s emotional needs, while fixing their teeth, is very important.

Want To Try Sleep Dentistry?

Our Sacramento dentists can use sedation dentistry with almost any patient! Next time you are scheduled for a visit, let our staff know ahead of time that you want to use oral conscious sedation and we’ll be prepared. When compared with the expense of avoiding the dentist, the minor additional cost of sleep dentistry is well worth it!

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