Dental Benefits Explained

Dental Benefits

ADA Website Features Insurance Information Section

Dental insurance and its associated dental benefit plans can be difficult to understand and explain. What is a PPO compared to an HMO? How do Dental Discount Plans work? What if you are covered by one dental plan from your job, and another dental plan from your spouse’s job? Can benefits be coordinated?

To help answer the many questions that come up from both dentists and patients regarding dental insurance, the American Dental Association (ADA) is directing attention to a special section of its website that answers common questions about dental benefit plans. Although some of the information is designed for dentists, it will help you to better understand how dental insurance works for both the Sacramento Dentistry Group and our many patients.

For example, you can learn more about the different kinds of dental insurance by reading the “Introduction to Dental Benefits.” There are also videos introducing different dental insurance topics, if you prefer that mode of learning. Another useful article discusses typical limits found in dental plans.

All of this information helps you to be an informed consumer. The staff at the Sacramento Dentistry Group wants you to be fully aware of how your dental insurance works and how you can get the maximum benefit from your monthly premiums. For advice on using your benefits, you can also feel free to call us, contact us online, or to visit our downtown dental office. Together we can determine how to help your family by getting the best value from your dental benefit plan.

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