The High Costs of Travel Dentistry

Traveling outside the country for cheaper dental care is often anything but that.

The caring and understanding staff at the Sacramento Dentistry Group never discourages anyone from getting required dental care, even if it’s not performed in our Downtown Sacramento location. Your teeth are important, your gums are important, your dental health is important, and we want you to take care of yourself.

So why not save money by traveling to a country where dental care is relatively cheap, and then get all your dental work done in one big marathon session while enjoying a vacation? It’s a money saver, right? Others don’t take vacations, but instead return to their country of origin, seeing a dentist in a culture and with a language they are grew up with.

While it may seem like a money saving option to travel abroad or south of the border to get dental work done, there are hidden costs and consequences that should be weighed before you make such a decision.

  • Think globally – Dental locally. If you are saving up to travel to another country for dental work, your teeth and gum problems don’t take a break in the meantime. Problems you have with tooth decay, gum inflammation and infections never improve with time. They worsen and turn from little problems to bigger and more expensive problems.
  • Post-Procedural Care — Seeing a dentist isn’t like having a haircut. Your teeth won’t “grow out” of any problems that may arise after dental work. Even with the best dentists, some dental work requires more than one visit and needs follow-up. And weeks later, if you experience problems, a local dentist would remember the procedure and be readily available to make adjustments. Not so with a “tourism dentist” that you may never see again.
  • Is It Really Cheaper? Plane tickets, travel expenses and lost work must be added in to the hoped for savings of travel dentistry. Plus, if complications necessitate further repairs by a local dentist, there go any savings you were hoping for.

Finding a local dentist you trust, investing in the future of your smile, getting your dental work taken care of promptly and regularly, establishing a routine of cleanings and checkups before major issues arise – these are the pros that travel dentistry cannot offer. Your teeth aren’t souvenirs — they are a vital part of your health and well-being. Please make an appointment soon with your local and easy-to-access dental professional at the Sacramento Dentistry Group.

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