Why Build a Dental Office on E Street?

The comfortable waiting room of the Sacramento Dentistry Group.

Our Dentists Discuss Building in Alkali Flats

When you visit 1105 E Street you notice a well-maintained building with quiet surroundings and a beautiful and relaxing interior. The office of the Sacramento Dentistry Group is just the kind of place you want to visit when you come to a downtown dentist. Yet many people have asked our dentists why they decided to place this practice in the area known as Alkali Flats.

Providing a Local and Convenient Service

Firstly, Alkali Flats needed a dental practice. The neighborhood has a large number of residential buildings for the downtown area, but needed more dental service. With Alkali Flats bordering 12th and 7th Streets from east to west and G Street to the railroad tracks north of C Street from south to north, there is easy access via city streets. For public transportation, the Alkali Flats/La Valentina light rail station is a block away and a bus stop at 12th and E Streets is served by two different routes, making the location convenient for existing and new downtown customers. Plus, with its location at the north of downtown, it provides ready access to our northern neighbors, while still being easy to get to from the south via J and 10th Streets. In a transportation and community service sense, the location is ideal.

Assisting Redevelopment in Sacramento

Alkali Flats has also been a focus of redevelopment efforts. With the end of redevelopment agencies, however, some thought that improvements would come to a stop. Our dentists feel that it is the responsibility of Sacramento’s citizens to step up and fill the gap, taking a view of what is good for Sacramento overall. “Think about the northern entrance to downtown via the major artery on 12th Street — it does not present the best view of the state capital or our city. We selected our location in Alkali Flats because we wanted to be a part of Sacramento’s redevelopment. Things are possible and things can be done. People are improving this area.”

Facing Obstacles to Improvement

Creating a dental office in this location was not without its challenges. Our dentists mentioned: “The city has a bad reputation for business, especially when you consider the cost and difficulty of acquiring a special use permit. We experienced such difficulties building this office and it was not fun. Fortunately for others, the city council recently made the permitting process a lot easier.” Our dentists believe that additional businesses will also see the advantages to serving Sacramento in the Alkali Flats neighborhood and is certain that the Sacramento Dentistry Group will not be the last organization helping to improve the neighborhood.

“We are excited about the arena development, and so are other people,” states our dentists. “That’s good because K Street needs redevelopment too, but we don’t want people to forget about the rest of downtown and the possibilities in other neighborhoods, like Alkali Flats.”

Celebrating our Downtown Office

To celebrate the Sacramento Dentistry Group’s one year anniversary at 1105 E Street, our office is holding an Invisalign Day on March 1st from 1 to 5 pm. This day is dedicated to introducing thirty interested persons to the benefits of invisible orthodontics — braces you can barely see and that can be removed for eating and cleaning your teeth. On Invisalign Day only, the Sacramento Dentistry Group is providing all start-up costs for Invisalign free of charge — X-Rays, digital images, and the initial consultation are all complimentary. Plus, we are offering significant discounts to those who purchase Invisalign on this day, including treatment with Express 5, Express 10, Invisalign Full, Invisalign Teen, and Invisalign Assist. Finally, Invisalign Day will feature a giveaway for a free treatment for one purchaser that can be granted to a friend or family member.

To sign up for one of the thirty spots available, contact our office at 916-538-6900, visit us at 1105 E Street or make an appointment via our website. We look forward to seeing you in Alkali Flats!

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