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A lost crown or filling is a distressing and potentially painful situation. It can affect your ability to eat, to talk and simply to do your daily tasks. While these dental restorations will sometimes last for decades, every mouth and scenario is different. It is not uncommon for restorations to need replacement, and sometimes on an emergency basis. Our Sacramento dentists understand that dental inconveniences happen and we’re here to take care of them for you!

What to Do About a Lost Crown?

First, try to retrieve the crown as soon as you lose it. The same goes for dental overlays or inlays. If they can still be reattached, that is the least expensive procedure. For lost fillings, keep the affected tooth protected before you can see our Sacramento dentists, but a filling that falls out is usually worn and needs replacing.

Most importantly, don’t panic! A lost filling or crown is not a medical or dental emergency. While your tooth may hurt because because of a missing restoration, follow these steps ASAP and you should be fine:

  • Call the Sacramento Dentistry Group to make an appointment as soon as possible.
  • Keep the crown in a safe, clean place, such as in a small container.
  • A dental analgesic from a drug store will reduce pain. Follow the instructions and apply it to your painful tooth, usually with a cotton swab. Clove oil, available at most natural foods stores, can also help reduce pain until you get the tooth repaired.
  • If you must wait to see a dentist and there are no other options, purchase dental cement, like the brand Dentemp, at the drug store to affix your crown. This is not a permanent solution.
  • Never “super” glue a crown, no matter what you might see on the Internet. Dental cement is designed for this purpose and will hold your tooth together until you come to our office.
  • If you were unable to locate the lost crown, put dental cement directly on the surface of your tooth to protect and seal it.
  • Do not chew on the side of your mouth where you have lost the crown or filling.
  • Eat soft foods and consume mostly liquids until your appointment.

Once you see us, we replace your crown or filling and get you back to your regular schedule with a minimum of fuss. Don’t make a missing crown or filling more of a hassle than it needs to be! Keep calm and follow the steps shown above to reduce pain and risk of infection. We are here to help!

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