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Kaylani Thomas-Bissing

Kaylani Thomas-Bissing: The Heart of Sacramento Dentistry Group’s Administration

Dedicated Service and Continuous Learning

Kaylani Thomas-Bissing, serving as the Administrative Assistant at Sacramento Dentistry Group, brings six years of invaluable experience in general dentistry to the team. Her commitment to professional growth is evidenced by her completion of additional training in CPR, highlighting her dedication to ensuring a safe and responsive dental care environment.

Empathy at the Core of Patient Interaction

Kaylani is distinguished by her patient-centric approach, offering a warm, friendly smile, a sweet voice, and genuine empathy towards all individuals, regardless of their background. This compassionate demeanor ensures that every patient feels welcomed, understood, and valued from the moment they interact with the practice.

Aspiring for Professional Advancement

With a long-term goal of becoming a dental hygienist, Kaylani is focused on her professional development. This aspiration reflects her commitment to not only advancing her career but also to enhancing her ability to contribute to patient health and wellness in a more significant capacity.

Kaylani Thomas-Bissing’s role as an Administrative Assistant at Sacramento Dentistry Group is marked by her extensive experience, empathetic patient care, and ambitious career goals. Her contributions are a testament to the practice’s commitment to creating a welcoming, inclusive, and safe environment for all patients, underscoring the value of compassionate and skilled administrative support in the dental care setting.

Kaylani Thomas-Bissing

Administrative Assistant


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