ADA Expands its Message

The ADA will now team up with CVS to deliver dentistry content.

Pharmacies to Feature Dental Health Tips

The American Dental Association (ADA) has expanded its reach into local CVS pharmacies. Throughout the dental health aisles, you should now notice new signs that provide dental health tips on a number of topics. In the words of the ADA, the goal is “to make it easier for the public…to achieve better oral health.”

A Three-Prong Approach

The ADA is using three different avenues for reaching CVS customers with dental information. As already mentioned, the first is in the aisles, providing advice on oral health products. The second involves the CVS website and its dentistry content. The third is the pharmacy’s print publications.

The Sacramento Dentistry Group Also Teaches

Like the ADA and CVS, the Sacramento Dentistry Group wants our patients to have a better understanding of their dental health. That’s why our website includes more than just procedural pages, but also informational pages throughout our blog. If you ever have specific questions that you would like answered on our website, feel free to contact the Sacramento Dentistry Group using our online contact form. All of our Sacramento dentists look forward to serving you!

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