Are Yellow Teeth Unhealthy?

Dental hygienists are a critical part of our Sacramento Dentistry Group team.

Models in fashion magazines have them. A-list actors have them. The rich and famous flash them at every opportunity. Teething babies are about to get them. Even a new puppy has them. What are they? White teeth – beautiful, dazzling, perfect as new fallen snow, “those teeth are so white you gotta wear shades” white teeth. You may start to feel like you’re missing out, that only people with white teeth are having any fun at all, and that feeling isn’t something to smile about.

White teeth can be a sign of a wonderfully healthy mouth. If those bright teeth are strong and healthy, firmly set with equally healthy gums and roots, white teeth are indeed an indicator of terrific dental health and hygiene. But what if those white teeth, the ones up front that everyone sees, are just like a false storefront, masking a mouth that is in fact quite unhealthy? Gum disease, dental caries, ignored issues with wisdom teeth, plaque and tartar – all these could be going on behind the scenes, back behind your smile’s public persona. The whitest smile you can imagine is not necessarily a healthy one. And conversely, a mouthful of slightly yellowed teeth, if they are well cared for and healthy, is not something to worry about.

A dentist is the only one who can truly assess your teeth, gums and overall dental health. Our dental professionals, using the latest diagnostic equipment, are able to see past the superficial and determine what is going on, even at the root level, with your teeth. It’s only natural to want your teeth to look their best, but the staff at the Sacramento Dentistry Group wants your teeth to be their best. That’s why, while we offer the latest in teeth whitening services, we promise to never replace responsible dental care with a razzle-dazzle approach. If you have healthy teeth and gums and your dental future is bright, we are happy with that, no matter what hue your teeth are. Be sure to bring up any concerns on this subject at your next appointment with one of our Sacramento dentists. Smiles come in different shades, and together we’ll decide what is best for you.

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