Can Dental Visits Prevent Pneumonia?


There is a well-documented connection between oral health and pneumonia, and dental visits are important in maintaining good oral health.” — Michelle Doll, MD, Virginia Commonwealth University

Pneumonia is a frightening disease. Caused by an infection of the lungs, it leads to trouble breathing and may even cause death. Would you believe that visiting the Sacramento Dentistry Group regularly for semi-annual dental checkups could reduce your chances of getting pneumonia? The results of a dental study reported on by the Infectious Diseases Society of America point to this conclusion.

Reduce Your Risk of Pneumonia

Researchers looked at medical records that included what ailments affected patients and how often they visited their dentist for oral exams and cleanings. What they discovered is that pneumonia was more prevalent in patients who never visited the dentist compared to patients who saw the dentist twice yearly. Avoiding the dentist resulted in a tremendous increase in the likelihood of suffering from respiratory disease — an 86% higher chance!

Dr. Michelle Doll, lead author of the study, states: “Our study provides further evidence that oral health is linked to overall health, and suggests that it’s important to incorporate dental care into routine preventive healthcare.” The Sacramento Dentistry Group agrees and encourages you to maintain your oral health with semi-annual visits for examinations and dental cleanings.

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