Do Mouthguards Really Work?

Mouth guards protect you from dental trauma.

The simple answer to our title question is — Yes! One estimate stated by Colgate and Columbia University dentists indicates that in football alone, 200,000 injuries are avoided annually by athletes wearing mouthguards. Still, in 2011 the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation estimated that just in youth sports, not including adults, some three million teeth are knocked out each year! 80% of these injuries affect the front teeth and nearly 40% of all dental injuries involve sports.

How Mouthguards Help

Mouthguards accomplish two things for athletes:

  1. They protect the teeth from getting caught on objects or people.
  2. They cushion the teeth and jaws from impact.

For example, one basketball player trying for a dunk lost his two front teeth when they were caught in the netting. In a soccer match, two players were going for a ball and collided head to head. One left his two front teeth behind — in his opponent’s scalp! Mouthguards would have prevented both of these injuries.

The Sacramento Dentistry Group Provides Mouthguards

Customized mouthguards are available through our dental office and can even be manufactured on site in our mini-dental lab. Our website features a comprehensive list of recommended mouthguard sports, but basketball and baseball are the two sports with the greatest risk of dental injury. Customized mouthguards are widely recognized by dentists as providing the greatest level of protection. While we recently discussed fixing broken and dislodged teeth, prevention is better than repair! Contact our Sacramento dentists today for more information on custom mouthguards via our website or by phone: 916-538-6900.

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    Oh, teeth stuck in a basketball net. That is so gross! But I also think it is gross to be watching football and the players on cameras on the sidelines are pushing their mouth guards in and out with their tongues. TMI.

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