E-Cigarette Use Drops with Teens

E-cigarettes can still cause complications to your oral health.

Last year, the Surgeon General warned of the alarming increase of e-cigarette use among teenagers. Now there is some good news that the Sacramento Dentistry Group would like to share with our patients. According to the Centers for Disease Control, or CDC, e-cigarette use among teens fell from 3 million users to 2.2 million last year. Why the drastic change after years of governmental warnings of an alarming trend?

Originally the CDC reported a huge increase in teen vaping between 2011 to 2015. Public health authorities were jolted into action to curb the popularity of e-cigarettes amongst teens. The drop in use among teenagers over this past year is credited to widespread public health campaigns highlighting the harmful effects of vaping and new sales restrictions to minors.

“While the number of high school students who use e-cigarettes is still too high, this rapid decline is a positive indicator that much youth e-cigarette use has been experimental and that the current offering of products may be less appealing to youth than feared,” says Robin Koval, the CEO and president of the Truth Initiative.

While many users believe that vaping is less harmful than traditional cigarettes, the vapor still contains dangerous chemicals and usually the addictive nicotine that harms developing brains. This is why the Surgeon General still says, “e-cigarettes have the potential to cause lasting harm to the health of young users.”

Our Sacramento dentists do not believe that e-cigarettes are a “healthier” alternative to smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products. Our goal is to help all our patients have the best health possible and avoid the potential negative consequences of e-cigarette use, including irritation to mouth tissues, gum recession and allergic reactions. If you need help to stop smoking in all its forms, discuss this with the dentists at our downtown Sacramento office!

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