Find an ADA Dentist

Find an ADA Dentist

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During the month of September, the American Dental Association (ADA) and CVS Pharmacy are teaming up to encourage the use of ADA approved products and for customers to regularly visit ADA dentists. If you want an ADA dentist in Sacramento then you need look no further than the Sacramento Dentistry Group! Our lead dentist, Dr. Marjoorie Castro, is a member dentist with the ADA.

In the words of the ADA, the goals of this initiative is “to make it easier for the public — and potential/current patients — to achieve better oral health from dental chair to daily care.” Since quality oral hygiene is so important for healthy teeth, the ADA and CVS are emphasizing the ready availability of approved dental care products. As bargain stores proliferate, some of the oral hygiene items they sell do not feature the ADA Seal of Approval. To earn the seal, manufacturers have to demonstrate that their product provides a benefit to the consumer. Products without the seal can make no such guarantee.

But home oral hygiene is not enough to ensure a healthy mouth. Regular visits to an ADA member dentist provide you with screening for oral cancer, professional cleaning of the teeth, and significant prevention of the damage caused by gum disease. If you need a Sacramento dentist, contact the Sacramento Dentistry Group today!

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