Healthy Summer Lips

Beautiful lips frame beautiful teeth.

You may not think about it, but healthy lips are also an important part of dental wellness. They cover and help to protect your teeth, while also beautifully framing a white smile! But lips need protection from damaging ultraviolet rays year round, just as the rest of your skin does, and especially in the summer. Summertime brings longer days, less clouds and more sun exposure. So how can you maintain your lips and ensure they’re healthy and luscious year round? Our Sacramento cosmetic dentistry professionals want you to protect your lips!

Protect and Exfoliate

Lips need extra care and protection because they do not have glands to keep them moist. So put the balm on! Protect your lips from ultraviolet (UV) rays by using lip balm containing SPF sunscreen of at least 15. This prevents lips from becoming sunburned, chapped and dehydrated. Remember that your lips are skin too!

Exfoliate your lips as needed. This is easily and quickly done by using a soft toothbrush to brush your lips, removing dead skin cells and residue. Softly brushing your lips makes them feel smoother and ready for lip balm.

Hydrate and Eat Right

Staying hydrated in the summer may seem like a no-brainer, but your lips look healthier for it. Dehydration leads to dry, cracked skin and lips. Prevent peeling lips by drinking lots of water during the long, hot summer days.

Studies also show that diet plays a key role in skin and lip health. A diet rich in vitamins E and C are essential to skin health. Omega-3 fatty acids also contain antioxidants to support and protect against UV damage.

So resolve to protect your lips and maintain your dental health with the help of the Sacramento Dentistry Group. Summer is the perfect time to make an appointment for your cleaning and exam, especially for school children and teachers with more time in their schedules. Take advantage of our air conditioning and beat the heat with a healthy mouth!

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