New Year, New Smile!

New Year, New Smile!

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? Eating better, exercising more, less time watching TV, more time reading dental blogs?

Or have you tired of those same old New Year’s lists, and you decided this year to throw that list out the window — making the resolution to make no more resolutions was your 2019 resolution.

Whichever is the case, one resolution it is never too late to make is the decision to start taking better care of your teeth, or to take your personal dental care to the “next level.”

If you want to hop into that elite dental care category, the rules are the same, but with no slip-ups. Consistent brushing and flossing, and that’s at least twice a day, if not after every meal or super sugary, sticky snack. Avoid foods that could crack, chip or discolor your teeth. Stay away from highly acidic foods that wear away at your enamel. And of course, without putting it off, see your dentist for a checkup and cleaning every six months at a minimum, with no excuses.

But what if after your diligent work, you’re just not completely satisfied with your smile? Maybe your smile is fine and your teeth are healthy, but there’s just something about it that has always bothered you, or that’s starting to bother you lately. Are your only two choices “Do nothing” and “A Hollywood smile that costs a fortune”?

Let’s look at some reasonable options for three common issues for people with otherwise healthy smiles.

Yellow Teeth

Not everyone is born with extremely white teeth that contrast well with their skin tone and lip color, providing a smile that pops in photos. But removing years of stains from coffee, tea and other foods is a completely achievable goal, one that can be realized long before the spring flowers of 2019 arrive. Talk to the dental professionals at the Sacramento Dentistry Group about the various teeth whitening and brightening options available. You can have a fresher looking smile, and we can help you achieve it.

Crooked Teeth

Are your teeth healthy and reasonably straight, except for that one crooked tooth right in the front? In the grand scheme, a slightly crooked tooth may be nothing to fret about. But if you can’t stop fretting about it and you have decided 2019 is the year to get that straighter smile, then let our dentists help you do it! If your teeth are generally straight, fixing one or two crooked teeth is often not a major problem. Some treatments can be accomplished in as little as six months, especially with the addition of Propel orthodontic techniques. Make an appointment soon and get this “fret” of yours out of your head and left in the past.

Chipped Teeth

A slightly chipped tooth is not going to make or break your dental health. Nor will a tooth that just doesn’t seem to match the others in your otherwise healthy smile. You may decide that a healthy mouth is the most important thing, and we support you in that decision. Our primary goal is to support healthy teeth and gums for our patients. But if that chipped tooth or uneven smile is getting you down, there is no need to live with it. Multiple options can make that tooth you dislike part of a smile you love. Talk to us soon in the year and together we’ll decide the best route for your experience with cosmetic dentistry.

Let’s get this year off to a great start by breaking your bad dental habits, creating or continuing your good habits and fixing those issues with your teeth that have always bothered you! 2019 can be the Year of Your Smile at the Sacramento Dentistry Group. Come and celebrate with us!

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