Studies Confirm Fluoridation Safety

Fluoridated drinking water is good for your teeth and is recommended by our Sacramento dentists.

Three studies have recently confirmed the safety of fluoride when used as a water supplement for preventing cavities. The primary study, sponsored by the National Institute of Health’s Toxicology Program, was started in response to a review conducted in 2016 that raised some doubts regarding fluoride use. To settle these concerns, researchers designed a project that would address weaknesses in prior experiments and provide evidence to either avoid or continue the use of fluoride supplementation for dental health. Two other studies from Europe likewise agreed with the ultimate conclusions of the NIH report.

Why Create a New Fluoride Study

As mentioned, researchers found in 2016 that some studies did indicate a “low to moderate level of evidence” that fluoride may have ill effects on some animals. Closer consideration revealed, however, that the experiments in question used extreme amounts of fluoride that were far beyond allowable limits set by the Environmental Protection Agency for natural fluoride consumption and as recommended by the American Dental Association and others for oral health. Therefore, the NIH sponsored an additional study that would use new research with rats to examine the effects of fluoride at maximum allowable limits from shortly after birth to adulthood.

By starting fluoride supplementation when the rats were young, this experiment did something that few other scientists have tried — a lifetime study of fluoride effects on performance and health. The results indicated that 1) fluoride consumption caused no change to the rats’ ability to perform routine and/or challenging tasks; 2) that fluoride consumption caused no damage to the heart, kidneys, liver or reproductive tissues.

Other Reports Agree with Fluoride Results

In agreement with this release from the United States, governmental health organizations in England and Ireland concluded in separate reports that fluoride use at prescribed levels has no negative effects on children or adults. For example, Public Health England stated: “Water fluoridation is an effective and safe public health measure to reduce the prevalence and severity of dental caries, and reduce dental health inequalities.”

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