Talk About Bad Breath

Talk About Bad Breath

We can all be grateful that dental hygiene and practices have come a long way since historic times. If we think we have bad breath after waking up each morning, just think of the people who lived three thousand years ago! Bad breath was undoubtedly a constant and pervasive problem. However, the ancient Egyptians were on to something when it came to bad breath. They are credited with making the first breath mints concocted from a brew of herbs and spices like frankincense, cinnamon and myrrh, mixed with honey. After cooling, the brew was broken into pieces and sucked on for fresher breath. These modern mint forefathers may have not tasted as good as they do today, but they likely helped at least a little bit.

Fortunately, we live in the modern world with plenty of access to breath saving mints and gum, but the battle for fresher breath continues and must go beyond confections. Garlicky leftovers, coffee breath or just too little brushing and flossing can leave us scrounging for mints and performing discreet breath tests, but these things only mask the underlying issues.

Fighting Bad Breath

The easiest bad breath problems to solve are food related. The effect of the onions, garlic and extra stinky cheese can linger for hours. Waiting long stretches until brushing and flossing also produces halitosis, the scientific term for bad breath, because bacterial smells are the primary culprit. A daily routine of brushing and flossing is the only way to destroy the bacteria that causes bad breath and then keep it at bay. So floss before brushing, brush at least twice a day, and use approved dental rinses for the best breath results. Better yet, keep a toothbrush and toothpaste handy at work to brush after meals and before staff meetings. Your mouth will be healthier and you may even enjoy an improved relationship with your co-workers and friends.

When Nothing Helps

If you have faithfully maintained your thorough dental care routine, have tried every mouthwash and mint to be found, but workmates are still fleeing, it’s time to see the dentist. Yes, it could be that you’re drinking coffee all day, but it’s more likely that your mouth needs some extra care from our Sacramento dentists and hygienists. An oral exam will determine if the culprit is gum disease, dry mouth, poor hygiene, a throat or sinus infection or even an abscess. Once the cause is found and corrected, your bad breath will be in check.

Having good health habits can do a lot to improve your breath. Eat a healthy and balanced diet, avoid smoking and too much alcohol. It will improve your breath and help you to feel better overall. If you don’t do it already, start brushing your tongue and use nasal rinses as needed. These are additional steps to keep halitosis at bay. Do all these things and find yourself, and your acquaintances, enjoying better breath!

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