Terrible Risks of Overseas Medical Treatment

Overseas Medical Treatment

The Washington Post recently reported on the increase in antibiotic resistant disease in people returning from foreign surgical procedures. Included in this report was a warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), advising patients to avoid getting surgical procedures performed in Mexico. This is due to the presence of a drug-resistant bacterium in south-of-the-border medical facilities, especially in Tijuana. This adds a note of considerable concern for Californians who travel for “cheaper” dental treatment across the border.

The specific bacterium featured in this warning is drug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The only antibiotic known to successfully combat this organism, colistin, is also implicated in nerve and kidney damage, making treatment extremely difficult. As stated by the CDC, citizens are being infected while receiving surgical procedures at “hospitals and clinics,” and that infections with this bacteria “are rare in the United States and difficult to treat.” They also encourage medical travelers to “be aware that standards for providers and clinics abroad may be different from those in the United States.” People who have ignored this warning in order to save money on a procedure are instead finding themselves spending tens of thousands of dollars to treat stubborn, debilitating and life-threatening infections.

A Secure Place for Surgical Treatment

In contrast, the standards for cleanliness and sanitation at the Sacramento Dentistry Group are extremely high. Although an oral surgery procedure performed at our downtown office may be more expensive than a similar treatment in Mexico or elsewhere, our expectations for disease prevention are generally much higher. If you need surgery for any reason, you already have enough problems! You do not need to add a post-operative infection to your worries.

Therefore, be wary of trying to “save money” by having dental procedures outside the United States. Besides running the risk of infectious diseases seldom seen inside our borders, you also face the potential of complications that you and your local dentist must address afterwards, often at even greater cost. For affordable dental assistance with the opportunity for zero percent payment plans, instead visit the Sacramento Dentistry Group.

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