The Benefits of Woven Floss

Woven floss is better for our Sacramento dental patients' teeth and gums.

For the benefit of our Sacramento dental patients, especially those suffering from gingivitis, we would like to explain the advantages of using woven floss. This specific floss is mint flavored and contains fluoride embedded in the floss. While the fluoride helps restore your enamel while killing bacteria, and the mint simply tastes good, the woven nature of the floss also plays a large role in its effectiveness.

Historical Dental Floss

A ball of yarn illustrates the original floss used by Sacramento pioneers.

Yarn was the first form of dental floss. Woven floss duplicates its benefits, without the large size!

One of the earliest forms of dental floss was simply yarn. You can imagine that this material would haul out a lot of plaque if pulled between your teeth. The diameter of your typical piece of yarn, however, is rather daunting when you consider it as dental floss. In fact, most people desire floss that glides smoothly between their teeth. Certainly, the easier it is to use floss, the more likely people are to use it regularly. Yet, this trend towards “ease of use” may be going too far. In reality, slippery teflon-coated floss is so smooth that is can actually smear the plaque around rather than removing it.

How Woven Floss Works

Woven floss, like yarn, has lots of surface area for collecting plaque and removing it from your teeth. At the same time, when you tighten the floss, its width decreases. This way, even people with tight spaces between their teeth can use it successfully. As you move it between your teeth, if you loosen your grip it expands and the woven nature of the material traps more plaque, food particles and bacteria. Usually made of cotton, woven floss is also more gentle on the gums, thus explaining the name used by Reach.

Where to Find Woven Floss in Sacramento

Finding woven floss at your drugstore, supermarket, or pharmacy can sometimes prove to be a challenge. While it’s readily available online, and is offered by other manufacturers, such as GUM, in the Sacramento area most Target stores keep this item in stock.

So if you want a better dental floss, try Reach Gentle Gum Care Woven Floss. Like other online reviewers, you may find yourself satisfied and make the switch to woven permanently!

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  • JES
    Posted at 15:53h, 14 January Reply

    Interesting that floss started out as yarn. That had to be a hard sell for dentists to convince their patients to do.
    I love this floss, it really works. There is a spot between two of my molars that always gets floss stuck. But I really hate the interdental brush things, they just feel too drastic. I hope they keep making this product.

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