The Dentist’s Ode to the Season

(To the tune of “My Favorite Things” by Rodgers & Hammerstein in The Sound of Music)

Rumballs and chocolates,

With breathmints and kisses,

Chestnuts and cookies and candy cane blintzes,

Trader Joe® fancy treats, marshmallow balls,

During this season you may eat them all!


See’s® candy lollypops, sticky and crunchy,

Toffee and truffles, they’re yummy and munchy,

Cool Whip® and pumpkin pie, pudding with cream,

Sugar and tasty things fill up the scene!


Turkey with stuffing, and all of the fixin’s,

Sauces and gravy, they’re all finger-lickin’,

When you are full you need room for some more,

Loosen your belt and go lay on the floor!


But what happens,

If you don’t brush,

‘Cause your eggnog’s spiked?

Then quickly those cavities will start to form and then you will feel their bite!


Just a reminder from the Sacramento Dentistry Group to take good care of your teeth throughout the holiday season!
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