The Eight Worst Foods and Drinks for Teeth Stains

Tooth staining is caused by many different foods and drinks. Your Sacramento dentists can help you whiten your teeth to erase stains.

Even when your teeth are healthy and in great shape structurally, they may not look their best. Instead of seeing bright white when you smile, are you instead seeing colors not associated with a pretty smile? Yucky Yellow? Boring Brown? Perhaps Purple?

Which foods might be causing these unwanted colors and shades on your not-so-white teeth? Here is a list of the eight worst offenders.

  1. Coffee. Yes, your morning, afternoon and possibly all day pick-me-up coffee drink can cause your teeth to go from fab to drab.
  2. Tea. Not to be outdone by coffee, black tea can be even worse for staining. Even white and herbal teas can cause staining in heavy tea drinkers.
  3. Red wine. If it stains your white tablecloth, it can stain your teeth. The tannins and chromogens in red wine, plus its acidic quality, wreak havoc on your pretty smile. Even white wine, with a higher acidity, can lead to enamel erosion. Eroded enamel makes it easier for other substances to stain your teeth.
  4. Sauces. Tomato, soy and curry sauces are yummy on foods, but their intense colors do contribute to tooth staining. Switching it up with lighter sauces will give your teeth a break from the stains created by the darker types.
  5. Sport drinks. The acids of sport drinks, along with their sugar and food colorings, can do a number on a healthy smile. Switch to water – you’ll save your teeth and your wallet.
  6. Sodas and colas. Just like sports drinks, the combination of ingredients in popular sodas is not friendly to your dental health, or the color of your teeth. Especially harmful is the habit of sipping a very large soda over a long period of time.
  7. Candy. If it stains your tongue, it can stain your teeth. The food colorings and acids in candies, especially the sour kinds, are very damaging to both the looks and health of your teeth.
  8. Berries. The intense pigments in blueberries, blackberries, cherries and pomegranates will stain your white teeth, even as they are providing great antioxidants to the rest of your body. Drinks made with these foods cause staining too.

Keep in mind that if a certain food stains your teeth, it likely stains crowns, dentures, implants and veneers too. What’s good for your teeth is good for their replacements.

What to do with this arsenal of foods that are aimed at your teeth, even if some of these items are good for your general health? In a future article, the Sacramento Dentistry Group will discuss your ready weapons to fight back against tooth stains.

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  • Myra
    Posted at 14:04h, 24 September Reply

    The only thing I have going for me is that I don’t drink soda or eat candy…I’ll take my chances with coffee and wine.

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