The Top 5 Topics for 2018

Your Favorite Subjects in Dentistry

Many questions about dentistry come to the Sacramento Dentistry Group via our website. Here are the top five topics for 2018 with links to articles where we discuss each subject further. Four are old favorites, but one is a topic trending this year.

Mandibular torus is just one example of dental words used by our Sacramento dentists.#1 — Torus Mandibularis

What is torus mandibularis? A mandibular torus is a bone growth (torus) coming from the lower jaw (the mandible). Although unusual, tori (when you have more than one torus) are not harmful. Only 2 to 3 people out of every one hundred show signs of torus mandibularis, but they created our most popular search engine topic for 2018 at

Dental Floss#2 — Woven Floss

Woven floss is not the most popular form of dental floss on the market, but its adherents really prefer it to tape or string floss, as they made this subject our second most popular search topic. Woven floss looks a lot like yarn, with small threads “woven” together to make one larger thread. Due to its construction, woven floss can stretch, flex, and create gaps between threads that capture plaque and leftover food.

The Sacramento Dentistry Group has always promoted woven floss for its ability to really clean out the gunk that gets between teeth. It is difficult for people with tight spaces between their teeth to use woven floss without breaking it, but those with large tooth gaps find it indispensible. In 2019, Listerine Gentle Gum Care woven dental floss is still available in Sacramento pharmacies. For each manufacturer’s individual products, search their specific websites for local dealers in that woven floss and for online availability.

Do UV toothbrush sanitizers really work?#3 — UV Toothbrush Sanitizers

Ever since we wrote on this topic, it has been one of our most popular landing pages at Basically, you can rest assured that toothbrush sanitizers really do work, but they are not necessarily better than other methods of keeping your toothbrush free of bacteria. Also, the sanitizer must be cleaned regularly, as many only sanitize the brush head. The saliva and water that gets on the toothbrush handle, for example, is often not sanitized. If that material leads to bacteria forming inside the sanitizer, the benefits of the brief UV light on the brush head will be minimal.

#4 — Sacramento Dentist

People are always looking for a new local dentist. Common reasons for seeking a Sacramento dentist include:

  • Newly arrived in town
  • Moved to a new neighborhood of the city or county, like Downtown, and want a local dentist
  • Need a new dentist
  • Require a second opinion on a dental condition
  • Just received dental insurance and need to find a participating dentist

The Sacramento Dentistry Group is prepared to help you will all of these needs as a full-service dental practice on the north side of downtown Sacramento. We are also close to Del Paso Heights, Midtown, East Sacramento, Arden-Arcade, Land Park, West Sacramento, Gardenland, South Natomas, North Oak Park and North Sacramento.

Tooth powders can be an effective way to clean your teeth, but they require more effort to use.#5 — Powdered Toothpaste

Starting in 2017, the Sacramento Dentistry Group began to see powdered toothpastes making a comeback. This is a very old method of cleaning the teeth, with advantages and disadvantages. Some powders use bentonite clay instead of silica as the main abrasive to remove stains and detritus from the teeth. We discuss the pros and cons of powdered toothpaste in three different articles, one about Dirt tooth powder, charcoal for cleaning your teeth and measures to take without toothpaste.

Ahead for 2019 are more articles on changes in the state of dentistry, including technology, treatment, legal issues, and oral health care. We look forward to answering your questions and meeting your needs for dental information.

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