Three Good Foods for Your Teeth

Good Food for Teeth

It’s true that our blog articles often focus on foods or drinks you need to avoid or be very careful with if you want to preserve your oral health. So it’s nice to balance out these “negative” reports with some positive foods that many people enjoy eating. With that thought in mind, here are two different foods and a food group that you can thoroughly enjoy eating.

Let’s Start with Strawberries

Besides being juicy, tasty, sweet and delicious, strawberries are a natural tooth whitener! Strawberries contain significant amounts of malic acid, a natural whitening agent. Just watch out for the seeds! Since they’re so tiny, they can get stuck between your teeth. White teeth, strawberries and flossing therefore go together!

High Fiber Foods

We often hear about the benefit of high fiber foods for our digestive system, but they also help out your teeth. Now although oatmeal is an example of a high fiber food, what we really want you to focus on are the crunchy fruits and vegetables. All the chewing they require is good for the muscles that operate the jawbones. Muscular activity and the pressure exerted on the teeth by safe, crunchy foods also improve bone strength and each individual tooth’s connection to the jaw.

Beans are High Fiber

One example of a high-fiber food that is usually eaten soft, but also is good for the teeth is beans. Bean soups, bean salads, chili, and stews — all feature beans. American Dental Association spokesman and dentist Matthew Messina compares eating beans to “running your teeth through a car wash.” The chewing required generates saliva to clean and remineralize the teeth, while the beans themselves physically scrub the teeth while you eat them. So beans can help your breath, but we can’t vouch for what they might do on the other end of the digestive system!

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