Tooth Loss and Signs of Aging

Patients who need dental implants can be helped to get them with bone grafting.

There is Good News

Dental education and better access to dental care help people keep their teeth for life! Americans are living longer and recent studies show that Americans are also doing a better job at taking care of their teeth. The American Dental Association (ADA) oral health education site says, “If cared for properly, your teeth can last a lifetime.”

Change is Inevitable

Nevertheless, the ADA also says, “Your mouth changes as you age.” For example, researchers at University College in London recently reported that tooth loss could be “used as a marker of mental and physical decline in older age.” This study also examined memory loss and walking speed in connection with tooth loss. Researchers discovered that people with none of their natural teeth performed worse on these tasks than people who still had their teeth. As might be expected, economic background and lifestyle factors played a big difference in whether someone still had their own teeth.

In a similar study of older adults, Swedish scientists found a link between cognitive function and chewing ability. Those with missing teeth and difficulty chewing had an increased risk of cognitive impairment, whether or not they had dentures.

What does this mean for our Sacramento dental patients? The Sacramento Dentistry Group strives to educate our clients on the benefits of early oral care. That explains the dental proverb “You only need to care for the teeth you want to keep.” You want all your teeth! Aging does not need to be a dental death sentence! Natural forms of decline, such as gum recession and enamel wear, can be limited by brushing and flossing daily and keeping your semi-annual appointments with our Sacramento dental clinic. To make an appointment, contact our downtown Sacramento dental office today by phone, online or at 1105 E Street.

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