What is a Mucocele?

If you routinely chew or bite your lip or oral tissues, you may cause a mucocele.

A mucocele is a common form of benign oral lesion or pseudocyst that forms in the mouth. The cause is usually due to some form of trauma to a salivary gland, blocking saliva and mucous from exiting the gland. As the tissues expand and fill up with fluid, the clear or pearly, round bump that is a mucocele appears in the lower part of the mouth.

Mucoceles and Bad Habits?

If you have a habit of sucking, biting or chewing on the soft tissues of your mouth, the chance that you will damage a salivary gland and create a mucocele is much greater. You can ask our Sacramento dentists for advice on how to stop your bad oral habits during your next visit to our downtown office.

Mucoceles and Orthodontics

The appliances used for orthodontic treatment can irritate the soft tissues of the mouth. To quote the Journal of Pharmacy and BioAllied Sciences, patients “undergoing orthodontic therapy should be monitored periodically for areas of irritation in the oral mucosa.” If you note a mucocele forming in your mouth, it is important that you notify your dentist during your next adjustment. If your next visit seems a ways off, feel free to call the Sacramento Dentistry Group or write to us online about your concerns.

Treatment of Mucoceles

Many mucoceles simply drain on their own, and most are limited in size to less than a centimeter across, although they do get larger. No matter what the size, if the mucocele is annoying, it can be surgically drained and removed, or the salivary gland can be unblocked. Every mucocele is slightly different, but treatment is usually completely successful.

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