What is the ADA Seal of Approval?

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And How Does it Help You?

The Sacramento Dentistry Group often recommends looking for the ADA Seal of Approval, and the products we provide in our care packages after every dental cleaning are approved under this American Dental Association program. Just what is the Seal of Approval, however, and what does it mean?

Why a Seal of Approval?

Started in 1931, the approval program is designed to identify products that are safe and effective for oral hygiene. It does more than just that, however, as the ADA also checks for and reserves the right to monitor these and other aspects of approved products:

  • Is the labeling truthful?
  • Does the manufacturer follow industry standards during production?
  • Is the packaging recyclable or biodegradable to the extent possible?
  • Does a product meet all legal standards?

So you can see, the Seal of Approval is not some advertising scheme. It’s a guaranteed way to identify quality dental products in the marketplace.

How to Use the Seal

With the proliferation of low-cost grocery stores, the likelihood of seeing products that don’t meet the ADA standard becomes greater. It’s important to check the labeling for the ADA seal and if it is absent, realize that you might be using a product that is unapproved for any of the above reasons. That’s a sobering thought when you consider that you brush, floss and rinse your teeth to reduce the risk of cavities, gum disease and tooth loss. It would be a shame to try to save money by buying cheap hygiene products, only to find that they were ineffective or harmful.

Visit the website of the ADA to see all the products approved for use by the public. Read our many timely blog articles that deal with trends in oral hygiene, some good and some bad. And always visit our Sacramento dentists on a regular basis to prevent tooth decay and dental disaster.

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