What is Torus Mandibularis?

Mandibular torus is just one example of dental words used by our Sacramento dentists.

Torus mandibularis is an oral abnormality where bone grows and develops knobby bumps or ridges in a person’s mouth. Multiple growths are called tori. Generally, people with tori eat, drink, and swallow with no problem. Since it’s an outgrowth of natural bone, most people do not know they have mandibular tori until a dentist mentions it. Tori are not common, affecting only 5-7% of the population.

Your Torus Is Showing

Torus is the name for a smooth, rounded bone ridge on the skull. Thus, a mandibular torus is a bone growth from your mandible, or jawbone. These bony growths tend to appear bilaterally, although they do appear in the middle of a palate as well, and they are not painful in themselves. Tori can be irritated, however, by vigorous brushing and hard or hot foods that scrape against them. Thus, tori on the upper palate can contribute to some pretty nasty pizza burns!

What Causes Tori?

Why do people grow tori? The cause is debated, but most dentists agree that some patients are predisposed to the condition because of genetics. Nevertheless, behavior likely plays a role in explaining the expansion of tori, as jaw clenching, TMJ and bruxism (teeth grinding) appear to contribute to their further growth and development.

Should I Worry About Tori?

It’s important to remember that having tori usually poses no risk to your oral health and is not a cause for concern. Tori are not oral cancer and they do not become cancerous, just like any other bone in your body. If you experience discomfort or pain from your tori, ask one of our Sacramento dentists to perform an examination. Something else may be the cause. If your tori are uncomfortable, however, it is possible to remove them with oral surgery, as with any bone growth. So if you have further questions about your mandibular tori, call us at 916-538-6900, contact us through our website, or come in to our convenient downtown office at 1105 E Street to make an appointment today!

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