What’s Your Cavity Risk?

How to Make Your Dental Assistant Smile

Americans are at especially high risk of developing cavities because of the large amounts of sugar and carbohydrates in their diet. Gum disease and dental decay affects well over 60 percent of children and adults in the United States. Therefore, at the Sacramento Dentistry Group, our staff is trained to evaluate your risk level for cavities based on your oral health, lifestyle choices and dental care routine.

Cavity Risk Factors

If you have a history of cavities, had recent dental restorations, have diminished tooth enamel or exposed tooth roots, you are at high risk for developing more cavities. If you have low salivary flow, wear braces, like to snack throughout the day, or don’t brush or floss regularly, you are also at a higher risk for cavities.

Protective Factors

Good oral care habits, like brushing with fluoride toothpaste, flossing daily, chewing sugarless gum and eating a healthy diet decrease cavity risk. Visiting the Sacramento Dentistry Group at least twice a year is also a major way to decrease cavity risk while maintaining your oral health.

Based on our assessment of your oral health and personal habits, we provide customized dental treatment to prevent potential dental problems. So keep your teeth healthy and schedule your appointment for an exam and cleaning today!

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