When Food Gets Stuck in Teeth

Some foods get stuck in your teeth more readily than others. Our Sacramento dentists have suggestions.

“Do I have something in my teeth?” That’s a common question after eating spinach, berries, broccoli, anything with poppy seeds, and similar items. Food often gets stuck between our teeth. Gaps catch bits of food, the process of chewing or the movements of our tongue can force the food in deeper, and that makes them difficult to get out. Poorly fitting crowns, broken teeth or old fillings increase the chance that food is stuck in our teeth. Sometimes we cannot even feel the food, other times it is so annoying that we find the floss as soon as possible.

When Food is Left Behind

Let’s say you don’t notice a bit of food and it stays stuck between your teeth. Your mouth would eventually alert you that something was wrong. Symptoms might include a bad taste in your mouth or a feeling like your mouth isn’t clean. Left even longer, that small piece of food could cause big problems such as pain, swelling and a feeling of pressure between teeth as it decays in your mouth. How can you avoid these problems?

Brush and Floss Daily!

Floss first to remove plaque build up and larger bits of food that are lodged between teeth, then brush for two minutes. Some people have found it helpful to carry a toothbrush and floss with them to brush after meals. This makes sure there’s no remaining parts of their meal left behind when they are finished. Interdental brushes are also handy for removing particles inbetween teeth while away from home.

If you are concerned about food getting stuck in your teeth or it seems to happen in the same teeth every time, our Sacramento dentists are happy to discuss remedies. Our dentists examine your mouth for broken fillings or crowns and study what might be causing a repeating problem. Large gum pockets, especially, can also trap food particles and gum disease treatment can reduce this problem considerably. Whatever the solution may be, our Sacramento dentists are here to help!

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