Infection Control Standards Updated

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The Sacramento Dentistry Group puts the utmost emphasis on hygiene and standards of cleanliness in our dental practice. Patients come to us to maintain their dental health and receive treatment to improve it, not undermine it! Therefore, we readily follow the updated infection control standards for dental practice in California.

Legislation seeking to improve infection control for dental offices was signed into law on October 2, 2017. The new bill (AB-1227), supported by the California Dental Association (CDA), requires dentists to use sterile water, disinfectant, or an antibacterial agent when irrigating exposed dental pulp in the performance of root canal procedures. In addition, the new regulations will likely continue to require dental water lines be flushed at the beginning of each day and between patient visits. Finally, to maintain water quality, the Centers for Disease Control also recommends regular maintenance of water lines. The newest California version of the sanitation and disinfection rules are expected from the CDA by the end of 2018, but these coming procedural requirements are already in use in our downtown office.

Our Sacramento dentists and staff believe in following the gold standard for sanitation practice to protect our patients. For more information, feel free to ask questions before your next dental exam or procedure.

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