Reviewing Listerine Gentle Gum Care Floss

Reach Gentle Gum Care is recommended by Sacramento dentist Dr. Brian Steele.

Trying the Reboot of Former Reach Favorite

When Johnson & Johnson discontinued their popular woven floss, Reach Gentle Gum Care, complaints on the Internet were expressed in many forums. Online auctioneers reacted by selling the floss at high prices (for example, a recent post featured six containers for $50). When the health product giant announced that the Listerine brand would now feature the floss, users waited and used their stockpiles carefully. Now that the woven product is finally available in many Sacramento pharmacies, we decided to review the latest offering for its original fans.

The More Things Change…

Listerine Gentle Gum Care features two different flavors for its Sacramento users.

It’s mint! No, it’s cinnamon. It’s both?

A quick look at the new container reveals a floss with a split personality: is it mint floss or is it cinnamon? Both flavors are on the label and the formerly remarkable taste is now an apparent mix of the two. The result is underwhelming and, reportedly for some users, irritating to the gums. That’s not exactly the goal of a product advertised as “gentle gum care.” The fluoride is likewise gone from the floss, taking the cavity prevention ability down from “remarkable” to “standard.”

The More They Stay the Same

Otherwise the Gentle Gum Care floss performs much like it used to. This stuff is essentially yarn made for your teeth, so it expands under low tension and stretches and thins out under high tension. For most users this will be enough to access the tight spots between teeth, while widening out in the bigger spaces, but those with next to no room between their teeth may find the floss shreds, much like the previous version. Its design still grabs more plaque and food remnants than any other floss we’ve tried, making it an oral hygiene winner, even without the fluoride.

The Final Conclusion

Our reaction to the Listerine reboot is mixed. It is certainly not “new and improved.” If anything, it’s “pretty much the same and maybe a little worse.” The taste is now subpar, the features reduced and the performance the same. Of course, the outstanding performance as a floss is why most people started using Reach Gentle Gum Care in the first place. Nevertheless, it seems that the stockpiling among true aficionados of the original product must continue.

Our next review of floss will feature another new Listerine product: Healthy White floss.

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  • Myra
    Posted at 12:31h, 13 March Reply

    Why mess with a good thing? From previous post and this one it seems like they should bring Reach Gum care back by popular demand!

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